Chicago Trip


UIU organized the Chicago trip on Oct 24,2015, we got together at the circle drive of OSD at 6:35 a.m. when it was still dark and very chilly, but everyone was excited about the trip. We took about 5 hours to arrive at Chicago when its raining in there. We lived in the Congress Hotel, which I later heard from my uncle that it’s a good hotel that many government officers live there during of their trips.


In the afternoon of Oct 24, we went to the leading sign in Chicago-Willis Tower, which is 1450 feel high, 1730 feet including twin antenna towers. The Skydeck is 1353 feet above the ground. We actually went many other places in Chicago, all of them are great, but Willis Tower is the most favorite place to me, I was afraid of height, I went up to the 103rd store and I stood on the glass of Skydeck, it was challenging, but I did it. It was unforgettable moment to me.

1031_2People say you receive results from good effort. I saw the landscape sceneries of whole Chicago.


Later, we went to The Adler Planetarium in where we saw the earth, Sun and Mars, also Gemini 12. At night, Kai Yuan and I went to the China Town, we ate seafood hotpot which was delicious. On the second day, the Museum of Science and Industry was another interesting place, we only spent 2 hours there this time, but I think I will visit there again and spend more time there by then. We ate Lunch at a Chinese restaurant-Panda Express, and I like the food there. The last stop was the Millennium Park which looks like a big bean, it’s beautiful. I want to say, all the places we went were fantastic!

1031_8My classmates and I took many photos together, all of us will remember this trip, it’s awesome.


1031_71031_11It was a two- day-one- night trip, although we felt the time was not enough, and we didn’t have time to go shopping, it was a wonderful trip because we visited many beautiful sceneries and had a lot of fun with friends.

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