Hello Halloween ~


The Americanized Halloween is famous for the horrible like uniform and an insatiable desire for sweet. On Oct 31 every year we do our scariest outfits and carve pumpkins.

Today, in American Culture class, teachers organized a pumpkin carving activity for us, I was excited because it was my first time to carve the pumpkin by myself. I actually planned the pumpkin face by drawing the picture on a paper, then I did it as what I planned, it was very interesting, I like to do handcraft!


How does my pumpkin face look like? It has a pair of heart eyes which is charming, a cute little nose that I carved into a small circle, and it has a very big smiling mouth with three sweet teeth, just like it never feels shy to smile to people. 🙂

1029_2When I finished my handcraft, I couldn’t wait to show to my teachers and classmates, but David is a Pumpkin Professional and gave me a electrical battery to light my pumpkin before showing to other people.  It is wonderful when I put the little flash into the pumpkin. Now it is a pumpkin lantern, shining the whole room ^^


At last, we all finished our handworks, such as Toshi made a cool evil face, and Boby made a lovely penguin, we all did great jobs. Teachers asked us to hold our own arts and stand together to take a photo, we all love our pumpkins, we also tried to have a smiling face in the photo, however, when the photo came out, what we saw is like this….where is everybody? Only pumpkins!! 😀


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