My hometown has snow in winter because it is located in the southeast of China, it has four seasons, but these years, it snow little, sometimes you even didn’t know it had snowed, it melt fast before making a big pile. This is a picture that my friend sent to me a few days ago, it was from the city where I studies, just 3 hours away from my hometown.


On Nov.20,2015, it had the first snow of this year in Fayette, and it was big by snowing for over 8 hours. It was beautiful actually although I am not crazy about it.



I am from a snowing-city but I hadn’t see such big snow for years because I had lived in a summer city-Shenzhen, which is located in the south of China, in winter, the coldest weather was just about 9 degrees in Celsius. This is one of reasons I like to live in Shenzhen besides I am a stable person. 🙂

Back to the topic, the snow scenery was  wonderful, it makes me think of my hometown, and my family…I miss them so much!



Here, it snowed quietly but strongly.



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