Joining Un-Chinese Festival

1115_5Nov.14,2015, that means yesterday, I was invited by Boby to go to her Bangladesh friend’s home to celebrate their festival-Dipaboli. It was first time for me to Bangladesh festival party, however, I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable because Boby and her Bangladesh friends are very nice people, they took good care of me, the new guest from China, I appreciate a lot.

And it was first time to wear Bindi. It was a lot of fun. ^^


Every culture is respectful and every one of them is interesting to me.


I was not only in a un-Chinese culture party but also in a friendship care environment. As international students, we come from all over the world, it’s destiny to bring us to meet together in the U.S., we become good companion to each other, which makes us less homesickness and feel more support.


Every party is meaningful, and our laugh is wonderful. I feel we were enjoying our time together. Thank you Boby again for the invitation, we had a awesome weekend. I would like to invite Boby and my international friends to join Chinese traditional festival and eat traditional food next time. 😀


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