Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day was from the British originally came to the U.S. and appreciate the American Indians’ help.


The Thanksgiving of 2015 was on Nov.26, it was Thursday. Mr.Bicknese invited me and some other students to his house for celebrating this American traditional festival. Mr. Bicknese’s family and friends are very nice people, and it’s first time for me to have the Thanksgiving Day with local people, I was full of curiosity and interest.


There are about 20 people in the house to sit at a very long dining table,looked very formal and beautiful because Mrs.Bicknese made many delicious food, such as the traditional turkey, smashed potato.


There were some food that I had never eaten, and they all tasted good, for example, the coin cheese and the stuffing that was filled the turkey. The vegetable salad was yummy too. 1129_2

Another very cultural part is when Mr.Bicknese sing with everyone, to appreciate god, “everything we have is from god”, Emily and Joshua played music while everyone was singing. It’s very un-Chinese and it feels very good. We do need appreciate, I’m a Buddhist, I appreciate everything I have and have been going through.


After dinner, we started to play games, they are the big turkey, salad bow, shoe game and jungle speed. All of them are traditional American games and interesting, I had never played before. The shoe games made me laugh to stomachache. I had a lot of fun and I appreciate the Bicknese family’s invitation, it’s unforgettable memory.




4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. I enjoyed your report on Thanksgiving. Looking at the food your host prepared, it looks just like the food on our Thanksgiving table. Did you try the yams with marshmallow topping? Ask Mr. Bicknese where the Green Jello Salad was.

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