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He is just an alien who dresses up as a human


Copy Right: Roger Bultot

Dido’s boat (UFO) is broken down, so he is the little alien left on the earth.

“What does it look like out there?” Dido lands at the bush and tries to figure out this strange place.

“It is not very high, I can jump over it.” Dido looks at the gate and thinks.

“The big thing, which is shining there, is made of my food, why they use my food to build that big guy?” Dido’s stomach growls, he needs a lot of electricity.

Suddenly, Dido seems understand something. He decides to dress up, and makes himself look like a human.



Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day was from the British originally came to the U.S. and appreciate the American Indians’ help.


The Thanksgiving of 2015 was on Nov.26, it was Thursday. Mr.Bicknese invited me and some other students to his house for celebrating this American traditional festival. Mr. Bicknese’s family and friends are very nice people, and it’s first time for me to have the Thanksgiving Day with local people, I was full of curiosity and interest.


There are about 20 people in the house to sit at a very long dining table,looked very formal and beautiful because Mrs.Bicknese made many delicious food, such as the traditional turkey, smashed potato.


There were some food that I had never eaten, and they all tasted good, for example, the coin cheese and the stuffing that was filled the turkey. The vegetable salad was yummy too. 1129_2

Another very cultural part is when Mr.Bicknese sing with everyone, to appreciate god, “everything we have is from god”, Emily and Joshua played music while everyone was singing. It’s very un-Chinese and it feels very good. We do need appreciate, I’m a Buddhist, I appreciate everything I have and have been going through.


After dinner, we started to play games, they are the big turkey, salad bow, shoe game and jungle speed. All of them are traditional American games and interesting, I had never played before. The shoe games made me laugh to stomachache. I had a lot of fun and I appreciate the Bicknese family’s invitation, it’s unforgettable memory.





My hometown has snow in winter because it is located in the southeast of China, it has four seasons, but these years, it snow little, sometimes you even didn’t know it had snowed, it melt fast before making a big pile. This is a picture that my friend sent to me a few days ago, it was from the city where I studies, just 3 hours away from my hometown.


On Nov.20,2015, it had the first snow of this year in Fayette, and it was big by snowing for over 8 hours. It was beautiful actually although I am not crazy about it.



I am from a snowing-city but I hadn’t see such big snow for years because I had lived in a summer city-Shenzhen, which is located in the south of China, in winter, the coldest weather was just about 9 degrees in Celsius. This is one of reasons I like to live in Shenzhen besides I am a stable person. 🙂

Back to the topic, the snow scenery was  wonderful, it makes me think of my hometown, and my family…I miss them so much!



Here, it snowed quietly but strongly.



Joining Un-Chinese Festival

1115_5Nov.14,2015, that means yesterday, I was invited by Boby to go to her Bangladesh friend’s home to celebrate their festival-Dipaboli. It was first time for me to Bangladesh festival party, however, I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable because Boby and her Bangladesh friends are very nice people, they took good care of me, the new guest from China, I appreciate a lot.

And it was first time to wear Bindi. It was a lot of fun. ^^


Every culture is respectful and every one of them is interesting to me.


I was not only in a un-Chinese culture party but also in a friendship care environment. As international students, we come from all over the world, it’s destiny to bring us to meet together in the U.S., we become good companion to each other, which makes us less homesickness and feel more support.


Every party is meaningful, and our laugh is wonderful. I feel we were enjoying our time together. Thank you Boby again for the invitation, we had a awesome weekend. I would like to invite Boby and my international friends to join Chinese traditional festival and eat traditional food next time. 😀


A video about refugees

In today’s listening&speaking class, as I shared with my classmates, the video I watched last night at TED-A Boat Carrying 500 refugees Sunk at Sea, the story of two survivors. I watched it twice and got emotional twice.


In a overloaded boat carrying 500 Syria refugees who tried their best to flee to a safe place-European country, escape from the lasting-four-year war, and find their hopes to start their new lives. They had to risk their lives to across the sea to reach Italian border. But at last, there were only 11 people survived out of the 500 people. The video was about the story of two survivors, one was a 19-year-old girl Dowia who can’t swim, and the other one was a 18-month-old baby girl Massa ( the right one in picture 2).


Dowia lost her love in this risky trip, she saw her love sunk before her eyes….


After four days floating at sea with no food, no water but sickness and fear, they were found by a searching boat, when they were sent to hospital, they were almost dying.


However, finally, the little young life survived, everybody was excited, in such a environment with no water, no food, no clothes, floating in water for four days, Massa survived!!


What war brings to people, they lost their homes, business, family separated…and what this video brings us to think is what the other countries can do for those poor refugees, why they had to take risk to across the sea rather then take a plane, why they are difficult to find a job in the other countries, why they can’t study in the other countries legally….the other countries may be worried about their own secure, economy and culture change, but, all human lives are equal…..

Chicago Trip


UIU organized the Chicago trip on Oct 24,2015, we got together at the circle drive of OSD at 6:35 a.m. when it was still dark and very chilly, but everyone was excited about the trip. We took about 5 hours to arrive at Chicago when its raining in there. We lived in the Congress Hotel, which I later heard from my uncle that it’s a good hotel that many government officers live there during of their trips.


In the afternoon of Oct 24, we went to the leading sign in Chicago-Willis Tower, which is 1450 feel high, 1730 feet including twin antenna towers. The Skydeck is 1353 feet above the ground. We actually went many other places in Chicago, all of them are great, but Willis Tower is the most favorite place to me, I was afraid of height, I went up to the 103rd store and I stood on the glass of Skydeck, it was challenging, but I did it. It was unforgettable moment to me.

1031_2People say you receive results from good effort. I saw the landscape sceneries of whole Chicago.


Later, we went to The Adler Planetarium in where we saw the earth, Sun and Mars, also Gemini 12. At night, Kai Yuan and I went to the China Town, we ate seafood hotpot which was delicious. On the second day, the Museum of Science and Industry was another interesting place, we only spent 2 hours there this time, but I think I will visit there again and spend more time there by then. We ate Lunch at a Chinese restaurant-Panda Express, and I like the food there. The last stop was the Millennium Park which looks like a big bean, it’s beautiful. I want to say, all the places we went were fantastic!

1031_8My classmates and I took many photos together, all of us will remember this trip, it’s awesome.


1031_71031_11It was a two- day-one- night trip, although we felt the time was not enough, and we didn’t have time to go shopping, it was a wonderful trip because we visited many beautiful sceneries and had a lot of fun with friends.

Hello Halloween ~


The Americanized Halloween is famous for the horrible like uniform and an insatiable desire for sweet. On Oct 31 every year we do our scariest outfits and carve pumpkins.

Today, in American Culture class, teachers organized a pumpkin carving activity for us, I was excited because it was my first time to carve the pumpkin by myself. I actually planned the pumpkin face by drawing the picture on a paper, then I did it as what I planned, it was very interesting, I like to do handcraft!


How does my pumpkin face look like? It has a pair of heart eyes which is charming, a cute little nose that I carved into a small circle, and it has a very big smiling mouth with three sweet teeth, just like it never feels shy to smile to people. 🙂

1029_2When I finished my handcraft, I couldn’t wait to show to my teachers and classmates, but David is a Pumpkin Professional and gave me a electrical battery to light my pumpkin before showing to other people.  It is wonderful when I put the little flash into the pumpkin. Now it is a pumpkin lantern, shining the whole room ^^


At last, we all finished our handworks, such as Toshi made a cool evil face, and Boby made a lovely penguin, we all did great jobs. Teachers asked us to hold our own arts and stand together to take a photo, we all love our pumpkins, we also tried to have a smiling face in the photo, however, when the photo came out, what we saw is like this….where is everybody? Only pumpkins!! 😀


What would you do if you were able to communicate with animals?

When I bring up the topic “Animals”, you must think of those animals like dogs, elephant, birds, and shark, etc. However, everybody knows human beings are also “Animals”, to be more specific, an advanced evolutional animal.


If you were given a specific talent to communicate with animals, what would you do? For this question, I prepared a survey, I asked some friends and some friends’ friends, I  I’d like to share with you these the interesting answers:

  1. Since we know animals can predict unknown things,such as earthquakes, Tsunami, I would ask them what do they know, so that human beings can make preparations for the disasters,even avoid difficulties’ happening.
  2. I would ask them how is the life for them and how do they live
  3. I have a friend said, if she was able to communicate with them, she would never eat them.
  4. I will talk to them when I got no people to talk, they are like as my friends
  5. I will tell them the world is beautiful because of them.
  6. I would ask them how to run as fast as them.
  7. For me, I would listen to them, they may complain about the pollution’ going on

Animals are a important part living on the earth, as long as human pay attention to protect animals and look after the natural world, animals and humans can harmonious coexistence.

A hypothesis

I am not a superstitious person, but I believe in universe quantum. I believe there are many possibilities in life, and everything is possible.


Now, let’s think deeper- a hypothesis, what would you do if you won a lottery, a 10-million lottery?


I asked one of my friends this question, his answer was funny to me because he is kind of funny person, he said he would be crazy. I would say ” what a pity!” 😀 Nobody dislikes money, some people just don’t think this would happen on them. Imagine if it really happens, what would you do? Let’s do some preparation for being a millionaire. How would you spend your money?


First, I would buy two big houses, one in France for myself , one in my hometown for my parents.

Second, I would buy two sport cars, one Maserati, one Ferrari.

Third, I would donate some of my money to build a school for those poor kids and provide all the education facilities.

Fourth, I would divide some of my money into many different cheques, give them to those people who helped me. I hope I can help them get through difficulties even make their lives change.

Fifth, I would set up a bank account for my children, deposit a reasonable amount to the account, when my children are 18 years old, I would give them the account password as gift.

Sixth, I would use money to invest, like buy real estate in China and buy stocks. Money earn money.

Seventh, I will have a good number of money for my future family use, spend with my future husband, go traveling.

Finally, although I was a millionaire, I would still find a job that I like.

That’s what I would do if I won a lottery, how about you? ^^

The little guy on UIU campus

Today, I would like to share with you a beautiful little animal-squirrel. There are many squirrels on campus, I can see them every time I walk on campus, and I find that they are so busy everyday, keep looking for food-acorn. Such lovely little guys!


At the beginning, I don’t understand why there are so many squirrels on campus, but soon I find the reason because there are many oak trees on campus whose seeds are squirrels’ favorite food.


I still remember the lovely naughty squirrel in cartoon movie <Ice Age>, in the whole movie, the little squirrel keep chasing the acorn, this brings so much fun for the audience. <Ice Age> is one of my favorite cartoon movies, because its funny and lovely images.


When I was in homesickness, every time I see these little guys running to go for acorns, I feel better, sometimes there’re two squirrels meet each other, “Hi buddy, how many acorns do you find today?” “Feel always not many enough, I’ve got to go, there are many over there, see ya!”  ^^