A hypothesis

I am not a superstitious person, but I believe in universe quantum. I believe there are many possibilities in life, and everything is possible.


Now, let’s think deeper- a hypothesis, what would you do if you won a lottery, a 10-million lottery?


I asked one of my friends this question, his answer was funny to me because he is kind of funny person, he said he would be crazy. I would say ” what a pity!” 😀 Nobody dislikes money, some people just don’t think this would happen on them. Imagine if it really happens, what would you do? Let’s do some preparation for being a millionaire. How would you spend your money?


First, I would buy two big houses, one in France for myself , one in my hometown for my parents.

Second, I would buy two sport cars, one Maserati, one Ferrari.

Third, I would donate some of my money to build a school for those poor kids and provide all the education facilities.

Fourth, I would divide some of my money into many different cheques, give them to those people who helped me. I hope I can help them get through difficulties even make their lives change.

Fifth, I would set up a bank account for my children, deposit a reasonable amount to the account, when my children are 18 years old, I would give them the account password as gift.

Sixth, I would use money to invest, like buy real estate in China and buy stocks. Money earn money.

Seventh, I will have a good number of money for my future family use, spend with my future husband, go traveling.

Finally, although I was a millionaire, I would still find a job that I like.

That’s what I would do if I won a lottery, how about you? ^^

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