The First Field Trip

Today I’d like to share with you about my first field trip organized by UIU on Sep 9th. Before that, I’m going to tell you a story about one festival celebrated in China first-The Double Ninth Festival, it is in lunar calendar the ninth day of the ninth month which is a traditional Chinese festival, it is also called” Chung Yeung Festival”, on this day, it is customary to climb a high mountain and wear the Zhuyu plant. We happened to visit the Pikes Peak to be the top of the mountain on that day which is solar calendar though. Its an interesting coincidence!img_45420914_4At Pikes Peak, we can see the beautiful line of the Mississippi River rolling through Iowa and Wisconsin,what impressive landscapes, we couldn’t help taking photos at this great spot, everyone was enjoying. You can see smiles on our faces. But where was Irina? Yes, she was the photographer, thank Irina ^^


Next stop, we moved towards to the local famous rich people’s mansion, the magnificent Victorian style building-Villa Louis, from Dousman Family in the middle 1840s, at the moment we entered in the mansion, you will understand what a world of upper-class family’s rich life was like, almost everything has been kept well, exquisite and splendid.

0914_120914_70914_1355We stayed for about an hour then we came out of the mansion, it has been located in a very beautiful greenery world, I was attracted by the sceneries, and can’t stop taking the sceneries with my camera.


0914_9 0914_8



Finally, I feel elated about our trip, I think it was a good one, a very nice weather, and I also look forward to the next field trip!

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