Volunteering in Watermelon Day


The Watermelon Days in Fayette, Sep. 11-13  were just finished, this annual festival brought the whole town people to the main street to celebrate the days.  They organized a beautiful stage, by performing some shows and lotteries stuff, there were many lucky people received prizes like T-shirt and kitchen stuff. I talked with a local lady who was lucky to get the prize, she smiled and said the prize is joy and lucky that means this year would be a good harvest.


As a new student in UIU, I first time joined this festival, and I had no hesitate to participate in volunteering, my job was to sell Buttons & Raffle Tickets,each button sold1 dollar, 6 for 5 dollars, and the so-called Raffle Ticket is 10 dollars each and means you could have a chance to get 1000 dollars cash, is what we call -lucky lottery. People love this!  ^^


There were all kinds of games, like cornhole and building blocks, adults were playing with families and friends, they laughed and had lots of fun. It’s a good time to have family and friends reunion.



The most happy part should be the children’s game area, it was a big amusement part in the festival, kids lined up to play their favorite games, I am sure they will know some new friends in this big day. Such a happy day!




Finally, the Watermelon Days ended with wonderful fireworks, you always have all kinds of imagination by watching colorful fireworks in the sky, to me, I think of my family and friends in far China. I wish all them happy and healthy.


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